The bureaucratic application of Part P of the building regulations requiring Council inspection, hugely expensive registration or the use of a registered electrician for householders to be able to modernise or modify the electrical installations in their own property is unnecessary when the householders in question are both qualified and capable of doing the work themselves. There are many electrical and electronic professionals with technical qualifications and skills well above those needed by 'domestic electricians' who are more than capable of working on their domestic electrical systems and applying the requirements of  IET 18th Edition Wiring Regulations. I see no reason why qualified and experienced electrical or electronic engineers, who are not employed as domestic electricians, shouldn't be permitted, for example, to extend the ring main or even update the consumer unit without the huge cost Part P introduces. The critical issue is competence and you don't have to be a 'domestic electrician'  to satisfy that criterion. This slavish and hysterical concern for so called 'safety' is an absolute nonsense and has got to stop. Whatever happened for common sense?

Why is this idea important?

Like all regulations this imposes an additional cost on householders who are already subject to increasing costs. It is also another example of overbearing regulations that are inspired by those employed in the safety industry that are choking every endeavour in our lives. If these and other "over the top" 'safety' regulations were abolished, huge saving can be made on the Health and Safety Executive and others in industry and commerce, who can then concentrate on the things that really matter!

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