Penalty Notices of Disorder are a quick way of dealing with disruptive behaviour in our strteets, however Section 5 of the Public Order Act is catch all, which police officers too often use as a catch all.

It is sufficient for a Police Officer or PCSO to say that there were other people in the street who "MAY" have been witness to Disorderly Behaviour and hence issue the ticket. This enables a PCSO of limited experience and training the capability to act as judge and jury on a fellow citizen.

The route of a court appearance is available to citizens issued with a PND for Section 5 Public Order Act, however your would either have to be highly principled or very stupid to risk pitting your word against a police officer in a magistrates court (who generally side with the police) and getting a criminal record.

Why is this idea important?

The Polics Force should be a servant of the population, it should not have the power to act as judge and jury on it's fellow citizens.

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