Planning as a concept is a complete faliure with some notable exceptions such as regeneration areas around sports events or new towns. In general life they are an expensive waste of space and infringe on the right of an individual to use their land for their use. This is not to be confussed with building control which is useful and forefills a function for the greater good if implimneted by practical knowledgable people. I would remove all planning acts and start afresh with the idea that planning is only necessary on the grand scale and limited to one off Acts of Parliament. Everything else is not planning. However the public/business would ahve to make a building regilation application to make sure any work is designed and built to the correct standards.

Why is this idea important?

The Planning Acts have reduced the countryside to a theme park, frustrated improving communities and start up business. Microsoft would never happen in planning restricted Britain.

My land My use. Nobody else should have any right to prevent my families enjoyment of that.

The system is very expensive ,employs lots of  unproductive people, uses huge amounts of paper and does not make UK a world class anything.

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