Repeal the Race Relations Act. 

Why is this idea important?

This Act has become abused by many non-white people as a means of getting what they want.  There are a number of other Acts which do as good a job of protecting people as people.  If in the 21st centuary we still need such an Act it is a clear sign the Governments of the past 30 years have failed.  Too many people are using this as a means of making money rather than working for it.  Non-British people see it as a way of attacking the hard working small businesses and national organsiations.  Originally it was designed to protect non-whites from attack but recently the attacks are not colour orientated but religion orientated.  There are a number of cases where the Race Relations Act has been used rather accepting that one has to work for reward.  Examples include the person who has been sueing companies because they did not offer them an interview, the Metropolitan Police officer who abused the Act and the woman who sued because she was refused a job for wearing a headscarf.

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