This is just a waste of taxpayers money. This should not have even been entertained in the first place. What most people seem to have forgotten is the human rights of the offender as well. In all other sections of criminality the offender has more right than the victim, all except this one, Offenders need to have equal rights under the human rights act and Sarah's Law or any derivative there-of should be dropped straight away.

Why is this idea important?

Because this an injustice to some offenders and this needs to be addressed in a proper manner and in a way that equalises the offenders rights.

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  1. As a farther, I have used sarahs law to check on my ex partners new fella. According to the checks he was a convicted pedophile. In my opion the rights of the victim should always be ahead of the guilty.
    What about the childs human rights to live free from fear and sexual abuse??
    From my reasearch, I have found that many convicted peophiles are asking for the act to be scrapped.
    Therefore, anyone asking for the law to be scrapped should be checked under sarahs law before being allowed to post. Just to ensure that our children who are inocent are protected first.

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