Repeal of section one of the Dangerous Dogs Act – the part that bans certain breeds


Retain section three of the Dangerous Dogs Act – the part that deals with dogs behaving dangerously.

Why is this idea important?


Section One of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, like all Breed Specific Legislation, relies on the assumption that the risk of danger presented by a dog can be assessed by reference to its breed alone. It errs in failing to recognise the role of other pivotal factors, such as the temperament and disposition of the dog and the competency of the handler/owner, in incidents of dog attack. In making this error it has condemned many safe, much loved family pets and disregarded the danger of irresponsible and anti-social owners of other (legal) breeds.

The RSPCA report that the numbers of illegal dogs in the UK has not reduced since the Act came into force. The NHS are reporting a continual year by year rise in the numbers of injuries (requiring hospital treatment) caused by dog bite/strike since the Act came into force.

BSL has failed to make us safer, it has failed to reduce dog attacks, it has failed to deliver justice to dogs and owners and retaining it increasingly  fails to make sense.


Repeal Section one of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991

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