Why is this idea important?

The whole Breed specific legislation is a complete mess and just to vilify a dog that fits a set of measurements that has never done any harm is ludicrous in the 21st Century  and a supposed civilised country.
I am not an animal rights person but I care deeply about animal welfare and there is no evidence whatsoever that trying to eradicate Pit Bulls is making any difference to the original problem-safety of people, especially children.
If you study  the 5 child  fatalities   over the last 6 years this is clear. I would ask you to read this article please clearly shows that the law is ineffective, unfair and a complete mess. Not only costly to the Met but unfair to the dogs, their families and totally impotent with regards to achieving its aims.
I have signed a petition to have  Section 1 of the DDA repealed. The DDA should deal with the deed NOT the breed. It is the owners who are often the ones who need a prison sentence, not the dogs.  This said, there is much talk of status animals used by thugs but reading the link I have sent above none of the deaths were as a result of any status dog. In addition there were several breeds cited in those deaths and  most were not pit bull terriers.
Finally it has been proved that Labrador retrievers fit the 'magic measurements' used to decide whether a dog is of Pit Bull type or not by 90%
So I hope that if this government is really listening to the people, that one of the first thing you will listen to is  animal lovers everywhere. There are too many innocent family pets being ceased and incarcerated, sometimes for months, in some cases years with distress to the families and the dogs. The stress for the animals and the family are futile and the expense to the country unnecessary. One dog in custody at present has a DNA that proves it is not pit bull but the dog is still detained. That dog is Lennox. I hope you are listening because any logical thinking person must realise that the evidence proves this hastily passed ridiculous piece of legislation is unjust, ineffective, costly and causes unnecessary suffering to many familes and totally innocent, family pets. 18 years of this is 18 years far too long.

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