Repeal Section 67 of the NERC Act which was not the subject of public consultation and revised the part of the Countryside Act 2000 dealing with the transition of Rights of Way for motor vehicles from Roads Used as Public Paths to Byways Open to All Traffic

Why is this idea important?

Section 67 of the NERC Act resulted in the closure of tracks which were previously Rights of Way for motor vehicles.

This crippled the businesses of the off road tour operators in the Exmoor National Park whose popular operations allowed the elderly, the less able and the disabled to access the remoter areas of the Park they could not otherwise visit.

The tracks previously available to motor vehicles in the National Park amounted to less than 7% of the total network of 600 miles of Rights of Way available to walkers and riders.

It should also be mentioned accommodation providers benefitted to the tune of about two weeks occupancy a year each from visitors with suitable vehicles who enjoyed driving on the tracks as part of their holiday activities. 

Section 67 should be repealed as a benefit to tourism and the local economy and because it was a piece of legislation resulting from intense and unfair lobbying shuffled through Parliament in an underhand manner just before Christmas 2005 when many members were absent. 

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