Holding the police accountable is not a crime, or at least it shouldn't be. That's why we need to be allowed, once again, to capture the image of police officers, be it through picture or video. This right was taken away in January 2009 and must be reinstated.


Why is this idea important?

Given that any power, unchecked, is open for abuse, it seems only sensible to allow the public to create the accountability needed for our authorities through the same methods of recording used to highlight the police brutality at the G8 protests in London.

When the police have abused section 44 on photographers, that abuse has been broadcast to everyone over the internet. Take this – http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2010/feb/21/photographer-films-anti-terror-arrest

In the video, a man films his own arrest. He is taken to a police station and subsequently held for eight hours just for taking pictures of a Christmas celebration in Accrington.

It is vital that the police do their job and work to protect us from crime, but it is equally vital that we are permitted to highlight abuses of power, also for our protection.  We know the police overstep the mark. To make it an offence to police the police is undemocratic and shortsighted.

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