This is the section that penalises any person revealing anything that happens in the family courts but at the same time permits the local authorities (with the court's permission) to advertise widely in magazines children for adoption with colour photos,and giving first names,birth dates,and character descriptions !

I know of several mothers in Tower Hamlets who were very distressed to see their children advertised for adoption in the Daily Mirror like puppies" seeking a good home" ! Their neighbours recognised many of the children featured in the large advert ,and gossip was rife ! Nevertheless,in each case mothers desperate to keep their children were warned by the judge that if they dared to discuss their case with anybody ( even the neighbours who had seen the adverts)they would go to prison ,and one did !

Can anyone defend such cruelty and injustice? Surely once a child has been widely advertised for adoption by the local authority the parents should be free to tell their side of the story to whoever they wish?


Why is this idea important?

The idea is important because the new government is committed to free speech.

The idea that local authorities can advertise children for adoption like pets with colour photos and first names etc whilst the parents are jailed in secret courts if they dare comment publicly is so cruel and unfair that few would even believe this is happening let alone condone it ! Yet it is !

The privacy of children “they say” must be protected from protests by their parents. It is fine however “they say” havingĀ children’s photos and other details published for all to see when the local authority decide that privacy can go “out of the window”! In other words OK to identify the children but not the bastards who took them from their mothers!Talk about double standards! You couldn’t make it up !

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