Prisoners are allowed to smoke – why not the general public? Pubs would stop closing by the dozen every week, bingo halls would open again, and trade would pick up in restaurants. Let people choose where they wish to work, they might be smokers who want to work in a smoke filled environment. Private rooms for smoking should be allowed in hotels or wherever people congregate. The government should not decide where you can smoke and where you can't unless there is a critical danger to the public i.e. a petrol station. There are few freedoms left and the Smoking ban is a very recent and unneccessary law.

Why is this idea important?

Pubs are something very British – people come from all over the world to visit them in towns and in the countryside. They are important to the fabric of village life, they are important in boring towns where there is little else to do except go for a pint after work. Closing pubs puts people out of work and many smaller pubs just can't make ends meet when the numbers of their customers decline (due to the smoking ban). Women often used to meet once a week in bingo halls for a coffee and a cigarette with their friends. Not long ago 30 bingo halls a week were closing because the women didn't  like to be herded outside for their cigarettes and said no to being bullied.  Stop the ban and increase employment, make people happier and encourage tourists to visit our pubs. Individual freedom is important to the individual and individuals should matter.

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