At present, millions are unemployed or on some kind of sickness benefit and thus economically inactive. Because of the so called "recession", or "financial crisis", there is great pressue being put on the government even to consider forcing the unemployed to work for their benefits.

But for decades now, since the collapse of British industry in the 80s, increasingly, there has been pressure on the unemployed to find work of any kind, even if all that is available isthoroughly unsuitable for the person has to abilty, training or age,  or of very low self esteem, poor pay and conditions.

The out of control capitalistic forces that have created this recession however have also created  the unemployment due to globalisation policies which haves moved industry to countries where the population is willing to work for low pay and in poor conditions.

And then to add insult to injury, the unemployed (mainly male) who have been unable to find suitable work due to these globalisation policies, have been increasingly threatened with having their benefits taken away from them if they do not take jobs that are not commensurate with their age, training, qualifications, experience or expectations of reasonable pay and conditions.

The result of this policy has been to force millions into going off unemployment benefit onto incapacity benefit, which problem the governement is now trying to address and attempt to reverse.

This cannot realistically be done, because to not provide opportunities for people to have suitable work, which either means well paid work with good working conditions, or alternatively work with prospects, even if not well paid initially, will simply drive the already distressed mass of long term unemployed people into even more depressed, or even suicidal states.

We need the restoration of "dignity of labour".

At least 90% of the adult public on benefits, of working age, do not wish to be so. Living on benefits is poverty, and again, to talk of "benefit scroungers" it yet again just to add insult to injury.

If due to unscrupulous and despotic globalisation policies that exploit other nations, mainly in the 3rd world, we do not have enough industry to provide proper jobs for our own people, those who cannot find suitable work should not be hounded into being made to feel guilty for claiming the subsistence survival level benefits that provide the only means of security for an inreasing number of millions of people.

The only solution is to revive British industry, which will mean a drop in the standard of living for some wealthy and rich people, as they will not be able to make as much profit out of workers who are well paid as opposed to those who are now being  exploited "on our behalf" in far away lands.

Until governemtns of the G8 or G20 nations address the evil that is the globalisation policy and go back to a principle of maximum independence and self-sufficiency for each global nation state, there will be no real justice in the world or  a truly  sustainable  economy  for our own nation or anybody else's.

The so called "recession" is a myth of financial manipulation, which has no reality in terms of labour, plant or the natural resources of our planet. It is merely caused by various rich investors and owners who decide to withdraw their capital from areas and industries in which they are not in their view making enough money.

Until the greed of the rich and superrich is tackled, there won't be any solution to our "economic problem" which is also a myth – all there is in the world is people, technology and natural resources, and all that has to be done is to develop an economic system which produces, shares out and provides what everybody really needs.

Bullying the long term unemployed or sick or disabled into work is not the means to dealing with our economic problems, these fundamental issues discussed above need to be tackled to create a real solution, a real economy in whic production is the key and not overconsumption and debt, and thus any laws which bully unemployed people into taking unsuitable work (a choice wholly for their own conscience) should be repealed.

Why is this idea important?

Because it highlights the real problems in our economy, instead of adopting the knee jerk solution of trying to bully long term unemployed people into unsuitable or non-existent work, simply to appease the angry self-righteous "tax payers" (in truth, you'll find that most unemployed people pay most of their money straight back into the system in fuel bills, massive indirect taxes on alcohol, cigarettes, etc.) as if whatever money saved would solve our economic problems, when only production  and restoration of industry will do that.

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