One of the early laws brought in by Blair allowed solicitors to advertise their services. Previously they could only be listed in directories. This is one of the factors in the transformation of our society (for the worse).See below.

Why is this idea important?


We now have what people call "Ambulance Chasers". The encouragement of people to sue for the slightest reason.

This has encouraged insurances to rise because all sorts of bodies from councils to charities to scout groups are afraid of being sued for the slightest or imaginery accident.

This means that many outdoor activities which young people should be indulging in are cancelled.

Excessive Health & safety laws also contribute to this downward spiral.

I believe that many solititors are now unscrupulous and have no interest of the rights and wrongs of a claim. "No win no fee" is their code.

Society is greedier and uglier as a result.

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