I am pleased to see that there are others who share this view.  The SORN is a formal requirement to notify the authorities that one is not breaking a law.  As such it is an oppressive and bureaucratic step too far, especially for those for whom its provisions are perhaps most applicable – the elderly, the infirm and those who have become incapacitated.

Notwithstanding the menace of uninsured and untaxed cars on the road, an unhappy consequence of the SORN regulation is that the passage of the expiry date on a tax disc of a motor vehicle sitting inert and unused in a garage or on a driveway, belonging to a law abiding citizen, renders that citizen guilty of an offence if they fail to notify the DVLA of their non-use of their motor vehicle. 

Repeal the SORN, free up the police to address the real offenders and preserve the good character of law abiding citizens.  It's a win-win no-brainer.

Why is this idea important?

There is a mountain of regulation, most created by delegated authority emanating from enabling primary legislation, and much of it with unforeseen ramifications.

This essential initiative of the Government presents a valuable opportunity to reassert some core libertarian principles, one of which is that there should be no requirement to inform the state that one is not committing an offence.  Therein lies the philosophical principle, but there is also an important practical aspect (which I suspect would be borne out by a proper analysis of  SORN statistics); the effect is to harm many of those for whom the provisions of SORN were never intended to apply.  Couple that with the fact that the police already have access to databases telling them whether vehicles are taxed and insured and you reinforce the fact that the SORN is a pointless and redundant burden.  As I said above, repeal it and you free up the police to go after those actually driving on the road without tax and insurance, whilst removing an unnecessary piece of bureaucratic red tape from those least able to understand it.  It really is a win-win no-brainer.

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