The  1930 US Federal Census records are available to a global public, why not the UK 1921 records?

The reason is peoples confidentiality and, I am led to believe, that under 100 years after the census some people may still be living and thus it protects their confidentiality? Most people on the 1921 census will by 2011 be already deceased but even if their is only one still living as opposed to one billion their confidentiality is of equal importance, but what information are we protecting?

Most information concerned present conditions. Name and address, martial status and nember of years present marriage, age, occupation and place of birth etc. Hardly mind blowing information.  Most of which can be found by obtaing a person's birth or marriage certificate which are available!

More sensitive information from the 1911 census involving whether someone was deaf,  dumb, blind, imbecile, lunatic or feeble minded will not be available until 2012. This question was excluded from the 1921 census as it offended some parents. But if this more personal information can be excluded from the 1911 released data why cannot other such data be also excluded from the 1921 census?

Also, why is the census information on a UK census more sensitive than that of a US one?


Why is this idea important?

While this could mean an increase in the number of public service employees, something the present government is dedicated on cutting, the expected income from this should far outbalance any costs. This also gives the government an opportunity to redeploy rather than unemploy.

 And as the 1931 census was totally destroyed and there was no 1941 census under present laws the next census released after 1921 will be the 1951 census in 2012, over 40 years away. So, if like most of those on the 1921 census, myself and others presently interested in family research will be well and truely dead!

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