Leave the E.U. as soon as possible.

Why is this idea important?

Membership of the Common Market/European Economic Community/E.U. is bleeding this country of mine to death. It has imposed thousands of rules and regulations that are totally unnesasary,not voted through Parliament and I have no way through the ballot to show my displeasure.We as an island have evolved quite differently from our european neighbours.I do not believe our customs and culture are any better than the european ones , just different. The E.U. is slowly but surely chipping away at my way of life. Free us from this undemocratic organisation and let Parliament be the sole originator and compiler of the laws of this land. When I vote at a general election I want to be able to vote for a Government that can govern without having to constantly look over its shoulder for guidance from Brussels, and not have to vote for a management team that does.

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