The top layer of government for our country is now the EU in Brussels, as specified by the Lisbon Treaty (and previous treaties), enabled in the UK by amendment to the European Communities Act, 1972. This new form of government, which has legal entity and primacy over our own local government at Westminster, was installed without our (the electors) consent. Whilst there was a referendum in 1975 it was about 'continuing' membership of the European Community which was presented as the "Common Market". It was emphatically denied by  mainstream politicians then, as now, that this was a new supreme government.

The installation of this supra-national EU government is therefore a civil liberties issue itself. Moreover our Westminster parliament cannot amend or revoke EU Regulations and we are forced to enact EU Directives. As electors we are therefore denied the democratic right to hold our own government at Westminster to account. Sovereignty resides with the people (Magna Carta, 1215; Petition of Right, 1628; Bill of Rights, 1689), it is not for our representatives to give away.rties after the Magna Carta, 1215 and the Petition of Right, 1628

Why is this idea important?

It is fundamental to our democracy and civil liberties, in our nation, that our parliament at  Westminster is free to make, amend or repeal all laws in this land without reference to any foreign government, bureaucracy, court or electors. It is fundamental  to our democracy and civil liberties, in our nation, that the electors of our nation can completely hold our own government to account.

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