Edward Heath set up a conspiracy to subvert our ancient constitution and conspire with others to hand this country to a foreign power upon the signing of the EEC Act.  Every succeeding government has signed treaties with the EU surrendering our rights to govern ourselves under laws passed  by the Queen in Parliament.  The restrictions of the ability of the hereditary peerage to play their proper part in government, as defined by the constitution, constitutes a major crime. 

It is a fundamental part of our Constitution that Parliament may not surrender any of their rights to govern to a foreign power unless we have been defeated in war.  See the Act of Supremacy in 1559, which states: "No Foreign Prince, Person, State or Potentate, Hath or ought to have any Power, Jurisdiction, Superiority, Supremacy, or Authority Ecclesiastical or Spiritual in this Realm."

also words state, in  the 1689 Bill of Rights:  that "Now it is a convention that no parliament can bind another.  So how could this Parliament bind successive parliaments  for ever?  The answer is simple.  This parliament was made up of the people's representatives.  The will of the people is supreme over both Parliament and the Sovereign.  Until such time as the representatives of the people meet to change the 1689 Bill of Rights, this Bill remains law".  Therefore it is not within the jurisdiction of Parliament to alter any part of The  Bill of Rights. 


Why is this idea important?

The reason the country is in such a mess today is because of our continued membership of the E.U. and our inability to make decisions independently. 

The Fishing industry has been decimated with 880,000 thousand tons of dead fish being thrown back into the sea every year, enough to fill twentyfour articulated lorries or the House of Commons!  Just think of the tax revenue the Treasury would receive if this fish could be landed and sold, including the number of jobs that it would create.  Britain has the richest fishing grounds in the world but our fishermen are only allowed to fish in 7% of our waters, whereas if you refer to our Ancient Constitution the waters surrounding our Islands belong to our fishermen and are for their sole purpose and the benefit of the British people. 

The Farming industry is also on it knees, milking herds are disappearing at an alarming rate because farmers cannot earn enough to make a living and hill farmers are still struggling after years of successive government promising help and a positive future, which has never materialised.  I find this incredible because Britain has one of the best climates in the world for productive farming but because of the ignorance and lack of interest by government, farming is in such a state today. 

These are just two reasons why we must leave the European Union but there are many others, too numerous to mention here. 


Norway and Switzerland are both extremely prosperous Nations and why, because they are not in the E.U!  


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