Although given the recent tragedy in Cumbria, this may seem like the unthinkable. I would like to see the ban on pistol ownership, reversed.

Since the pistol ban, hundreds of thousands of responsible sportsmen were deprived of their sport, for what at the time ammounted to scoring of cheap political points during the run up to an election.
The Cullen report itself stated that a ban would do nothing to increase public safety. This was quickly vindicated, by a dramatic increase in gun crime, committed using unlicenced guns in the hands of crimilans. Neither of which are affected by firearms laws in any way.

This is not the USA. Privatly held guns are not on the street, but locked in approved secure stores, by some of the most law abiding people in society, who are stringently vetted by the police. And quite rightly so.

I would ask if someone were to commit a few murders with a baseball bat, would we immediatly ban all sporting bats, clubs and rackets? As this is exactly how shooters were treated in 1997. So I believe it is time to correct this disporportional response. But I accept that this should be done with proper application of the existing firearms laws, which are some of the tightest in the world.

Why is this idea important?

Because the 1997 act was grossly unfair to the shooting community and against the best advice at the time, ie. The Cullen report.

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