The Christmas Day Trading Act prohibits large shops (those covered by Sunday Trading laws) from opening at all for retail on Christmas day.

 This ridiculous piece of legislation is an unnecessary interference both in business and in peoples’ right to spend their spare time as they choose.  The Government should not be interfering in the harmless activity of its citizens, and certainly not at the expense of businesses during a time when our economy is in such a bad state. 

 As shops would only open if there was demand for them to be open and they were able to get staff to work that day, the sole purpose of this piece of legislation seems to have been a means by which the Government could impose its own values upon the rest of society. 

Why is this idea important?

This law sounds like an archaic law, but it is in fact one of the many bizarre and overly restrictive laws passed by the last Government.

The Government should not be interfering in how people spend their time or creating unnecessary barriers to business.  Unfortunately this law does both.

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