OK, it hasn't even made it to the statute book yet but it is a total disaster for ALL our children, especially those with any sort of difficulty or special need. It's a recipe for widening, not narrowing all the social gaps in our society. I know this govt is trying to out-Thatcher Thatcher but surely they don't still believe in that hoary and long discredited notion of trickle down?!

Education provision for ALL children will be improved by making state education better. This means that the local authority can plan coherently for the places they need, in the places they need them, can ensure that support services are sensibly and rationally planned to meet the needs of all schools in the area, and better schools can support and help those that – for whatever reason – do less well. We want to return to the notion of neighbourhood schools, with the presumption that most children will go to their local school because it's as good as any other nearby. Giving the middle classes a free for all to do their own thing will not help those that need it in any way.

Why is this idea important?

Because we can't afford to play politics with our children's future.

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