Repealing the Act of Supremacy to return the Church of England to its' proper place in full communion with the Pope and the Catholic Church. The Queen would no longer be the supreme head of a state religion, which is anachronistic in our current age, though she would retain the title 'Defender of the Faith', given as it was by an earlier Pope in recognition of the role of the monarch in protecting Catholic truth. The Act of Supremacy represents an assault on the conscience of every individual, requiring (at the time) all of Her Majesty's religious subjects to acknowledge the head of state as having a power over the Church which belongs properly only to God and to His appointed apostolic vicar the Bishop of Rome. Although religious toleration has been extended in the following 500 years, this assault is still inherent in our country's constitution. All of those religious freedoms for non-Catholics would remain if this one Act was repealed.

The Church of England could, as a whole, take advantage of the invitation offered by Pope Benedict XVI in his encyclical Anglicanorum Coetibus, coming home to the largest Christian Church in the world.

St Thomas More and all English Martyrs, pray for us.

Why is this idea important?

More Catholics attend worship and practice their faith in the UK than members of any other Christian church. The Church of England has been undermined by its' subjugation to successive governments' secularist agendas, and is in need of clear leadership. The Pope's visit to our country in September 2010 could be a time to begin discussions of a final reconciliation, putting an end to centuries of religious tensions and sectarianism.

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