The amendment to the Sexual Offences Act 2004 made it illegal to be in possession of images of  anyone between the ages of 16 and 18 if they were considered indecent. The age of consent in this country is 16 if it were 18 it would make sense as a law The amendment also allows you to have indecent images of someone who is sisxteen if your in a relationship.What a complete nonscence.This law is a fine example of moral hypocrisy and needs to be removed.

Why is this idea important?

I was a victim of this law despite every effort made by my legal representatives and even when it became apparent that the court did not beleive these images were of some one under 16. Thames Valley Police and the CPs continued to prosecute this case like ti was the crime of the century. It was almost like they desparately needed a conviction for some other reason. I wonder what that was maybe you should ask the Chief Consatble she knows only to well why tje case was brought with such spite and malice. Thank You J Moore 

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