As it is now it is against the law to cycle on the side-walk, even for children, punishable with up to several thousands of pounds.

The police do not enforce this law – it is pointless.

Replace it with a sensible law against riding dangerously, so that if cyclists speed on populated side-walks or pedestrian areas, the police can target those who drive dangerously and fine them.

Why is this idea important?

Cycling is very healthy and good for the air quality in our towns and cities. We want to get people cycling from an early age.

When teaching our children to cycle it is often safer to allow them to cycle on the side-walk, if it is not heavily populated. To force parents to let their children cycle in the road with cars and traffic will put a lot of parents off letting them cycle in the first place.

Liberalise this law, and focus on those thugs who cycle in a dangerous and menacing way, and let children gain confidence before we force them into the roads.

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