The British parliament passed the British North America Act in 1867 leading to a chain of events which now severely limit the rights of British citizens to travel and settle with freedom in various Commonwealth territories of the Crown located in North America.

The Act should be repealed with immediate effect.

Why is this idea important?

While the Act in and of itself curtails the freedoms of present-day British citizens, the Act has also been detrimental to pre-existing residents of the areas in question — leading to a centralization of power in a federal government which at times has been critized for robbing power from local and provincial representation.

Repealing the Act would restore freedom of movement and settlement rights to the United Kingdom's residents, as well as restoring proprietorship to the United Kingdom of valuable natural resources including the world's largest stores of fresh water, timber and mineral resources and what are thought to be the second-largest stores of oil and gas in the world.

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