Scrap this unnecessary legislation. Children do not have their own income on the whole, nor can they own property. Their relative wealth or poverty is intrinsically tied up with that of their parents, and so the real issue is family or household poverty. The term "child poverty" is almost Dickensian in it's sentimentality and the whole issue seems to be one of PR and vote winning rather than any sensible, necessary measure.

Why is this idea important?

I believe that the existing welfare state and benefits system addresses these matters enough without putting an extra burden into the equation.

What actually makes a difference to a child's future is good parenting and education.

Historically, children nowadays are more well off than they have ever been, yet there levels of social problems and youth offending are higher than ever. Being poor as a child does not mean that you will turn out to be bad, ignorant, ill or that your life is doomed.

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