Get rid of this unecessary piece of health & safety law which adds no value to improved health & safety in the construction industry.

Why is this idea important?

Health & Safety regulation in the construction industry continues to grow as we endeavour to improve performance. Most of it can be argued as having a beneficial contribution e.g. in recent times the LOLER and PUWER regulations. However, from my experience in construction, the CDM regulations have no discernable benefit at all. On the contrary, they create uneccessary paperwork, jobs (CDM Co-ordinator), expense and gobbledygook on every construction project. There is quite sufficient safeguards in the existing  UK design & construction regulations, codes of practice and British Standards to ensure the areas covered by CDM area are adequately managed from a safety perpective. This CDM legislation has been hijacked by client consultants  to impose uneccessary red tape and cost burden on construction companies/Design houses in ensuring compliance with no beneficial health & safety performance.  

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