Mentioned sections of this act allow private individuals or civil enforment agencies namely "Bailiffs" to try and enter your home or seize any domestic vehicles property or goods etc. It's wrong and should be Repealed it is bad enough the Police have certian powers now to seize vehicles and allsorts of items but to allow Bullies,Cowboys, to have simular powers is so open to corruption,abuse, these parasites will try and enter your home take your vehicles lie cheat just to get their result and what they pary on more than anything else is peoples naivety or lack of their rights. This needs to be Repealed because most people will just abide but their are some of us who will use our own force these scum turn up at your door with demands reasonble or not and one day it will get very messy?   

Why is this idea important?

It's important because how many people have been intimidated by these people or had things taken illegally these Bailiffs know they've broke the law but unless their poor victim knows this and their rights they're just going to keep getting away with it. With us just coming out of a bad reccession now how many people are in Debt so business is booming for these Monkeys and how much suffering and hardship have they enslved onto good hardworking decent folk who got in a financial mess through no fault of their own? This needs to be Repealed Mr Clegg soon and give people their protection by law and rights back.

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