Why on earth does Edd Vaizy want to continue with these stupid plans?  He has not thought this through.  People generally have more than one radio in the house.  I think I must have a least 10 radios if not more.  We live in a digital black spot and have been told that we cannot and will not be able to get DAB where we live as we live more than 25 miles from the transmitter.  The BBC, including BBC Radio Cambridgeshire keeps advertising the fact that they are broadcasting on DAB but we still cannot get this station.  I bought a DAB second hand radio and couldn't get any DAB stations on it at all.  I thought thank goodness I didn't waste money on a new one!  A friend of mine near where I live bought a new DAB radio but got rid of it because she got so fed up not being able to get any stations on it.  What about the cost to the environment?  We are told to reduce waste, what about all the FM radios that will end up in landfill sites?  Most FM portable radios cannot be converted. Why give new stations FM radio licences for 10 years if the FM signals will be stopped before then?

I am now (not through my own choice) on part-time wages and cannot afford to buy a new DAB.  It is bad going to be bad enough being done out of TV in 2011 without being done out of a radio as well!   (I cannot afford freeview because of the cost of having to buy a digibox and having a high gain aerial put up on the roof in order to get it.).  This is just one step too far.  Pensioners and other people on low incomes will not be able to afford DAB.  What is the point of buying a DAB if you cannot get anything on it in any case. People should revolt against this.  Why would anybody want to have such an inferior service as DAB? 

DAB is suppose to bring choice but it is does not.   Concerning local radio, why is only one local BBC and only one local ILR (Independent Local Radio) station allowed to broadcast per multiplex?  Surely this means that where you have more than one ILR  broadcasting some of them will have to close down thus putting people out of work.  At the moment I can get 4 BBC local radio stations on FM from where I live (BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, BBC Radio Suffolk, BBC Radio Norfolk, BBC Radio Lincolnshire) yet I cannot and will not be able to get any of these on DAB.  The whole thing is just madness.

This law should be stopped immediately.


Why is this idea important?

My idea is important becuase of cost:  Cost to the environment and the cost of people having to replace all their radios.

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