Repeal the Digital Economy Bill in it’s entirety.

Why is this idea important?

An ill thought out and rushed in bill (part of the “wash up” at the fag end of the last parliament).

Lots of loopholes eg the hacking of your home wireless network and subsequent misuse is YOUR responsibility not the hackers.

The ability of the Secretary of State to alter what’s illegal without any further recourse to Parliament, EVER, is particularly draconian and worrying.

It ALL needs to go in to go and IF a replacement is required it need to be PROPERLY thought out and consulted.

2 Replies to “Repeal the Digital Economy Bill”

  1. The Digital Economy Bill has clearly been drawn up by a bunch of people who understand neither the digital world, or the economy. The whole thing is a joke that has obviously been constructed by group driven purely with commercial interests to protect, and the lobbyists working for those groups.

    In terms of enforcement there is a massive divide between what will work and what is plainly stupid, and the way the whole bill is constructed indicates that legislators do not understand where a legal line can be drawn, because they do not understand what the real purpose of their legislation is, other than to prop up a commercial market sector that uses rules that do not apply to digitally distributed material.

    Try as they may they will never make it work, and the well quoted words apply to legislators, that apply equally to those who are discovered standing in a holes holding shovels.


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