It makes great sense to repeal the parts of the CJA that make dancing and listening to music a criminal offence. This has been taken to outrageous lengths by some counties with the loss of liberty, homes(in vehicles) and property that ensues. To find an area that has few near by residents and listen to music and dance all night, celebrating life, the beauty of our countryside and enjoying the company of friends should not be illegal, it should be encouraged. Clearing up afterwards should always be a part of the event and we shouldnt need a license or have to justify, or pay, for the  privilege of being alive and happy to be so. Its rare that people are bothered or aggravated by parties more that one night a year, the locations vary as often as the weather and the attendees, so is being disturbed one night of the year really such a trial? where's the tolerance? dont moan and complain, come and join us, you'd be very welcome.

Why is this idea important?

the CJA removed liberties and rights that have been integral to our country and its democracy for scores of years. The right to meet, to pass information, to enjoy the sound of laughter, music and the company of friends in the country that we live in and love, should be a joyous occasion, not a fearful "will we be beaten up by police or arrested for talking about it?" event. People who attend these events are referred to as "Them", "they stopped members of the public enjoying peace & quiet", WE are members of the public, we are not aliens or animals. We pay taxes, work in the community, drink water and play with children. Peace and quiet is destroyed on a regular basis by jugernauts and airoplanes. Divisive publicity, encouraging segregation and discrimination is not the way forward towards a happy and integrated society. I know I am not the only 55 year old Grandmother who enjoys dancing in the moonlight to the music of her choice, with friends and in the Country that I love,. surely this should not be a crime?

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