Membership of the EU costs this country an estimated £120bn a year in red tape. We now pay over £6bn a year to be a member of the EU and we are no exposed to the Euro debt crisis thanks to the last Government.

By leaving the EU we could take back control of our Parliament and the freedom to repeal costly laws e.g. EU Landfill tax.

As the EU accounts for 75%+ of our new regulations and directives, I fail to understand how this Government will be able to repeal that many laws. The great deception is that most of these diktats originate from Brussels. Why not give democracy and chance and put it to a referendum?

Why is this idea important?

I have never had an opportunity to vote for our continued membership of the EU. My parents generation were misled into believing that they were agreeing to join a "common market". The people of the UK have been lied to, as the real agenda is to create a political union ie a united stated of Europe. We are not even asked to vote for the President of Europe…….how can this be democratic?

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