This Act, although given Royal Assent, must be repealed if Britain and British people are to have any say in the governance of their way of life. The Act states, in effect, that all legislation and Acts of Parliament are subject to approval by the European Parliament. To hand over control of everything that maintains law and order in Britain is totally unacceptable. It must never have represented the wishes of the majority of the British population.

Europe has far too much influence on our way of life. While there is a strong case to change from pounds and ounces to kilogrammes, or to abandon gills, pints, gallons and firkins in favour of litres, the European insistence that we must sell eggs by weight is just plain silly. If you ask for a kilogramme of eggs will you endup with all small eggs? Or a mixture of small and large?

More serious is the cost to Britain's taxpayers for this European interference. Everyone in the British isles is affected by the unbelievable debt run up by the Socialist government; we are all feeling the pinch to a greater or lesser degree and yet an unacceptably large percentage of our GNP is lost in the corridors of the European Parliament.

Why is this idea important?

It is vital that we repeal the European Communities Act 1972 (UK) as quickly as humanly possible. If we do not we shall soon be subject to even more ridiculous and sometimes dangerous demands from this self-absorbed European dictatorship, until Britain no longer has any control over its future or the future of its citizens.

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