Britain should withdraw from the EU and repeal all laws placed on our statute book as a result of our membership (such as all of the thousands of EU Directives).

If we wish to enter into free trade arrangements with the EU, we should do so, but not allow our country to be governed from outside these shores.

Why is this idea important?

Britain's membership of the EU has never been put to the electorate, yet it generates some 70% of all our laws.

The EU is undemocratic, anti-democratic and utterly corrupt. It swallows tens of billions of our tax revenues every year whilst restricting our freedoms.

It is the reason why we have been swamped with unwanted immigrants, yet can do nothing about it.

Its legal system works entirely differently to that of the UK, yet it effectively operates our highest court.

Our parents' generation fought to keep this country free from foreign domination, yet our current politicians and their forerunners have given away our sovereignty.

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