Repeal the extreme pornography law

It is currently illegal to possess images of consenting adults engaged

in LEGAL activity in the privacy of ones own home. Yes that's right !

Images of law abiding adults are illegal to possess and the maximum

sentence is three years in prison even though no one did anything wrong

in order to make the images and the images were hidden from public

view. I suggest that as a minimum sections 63(1),(7)(A) and 67(2) of

the criminal justice and immigration act 2008 be repealed.

Why does this idea matter?

This law is clearly contrary to the rights to privacy and private life

and self expression as set out in the european charter of human rights.

It also violates the principal of free speech and allows for perecution

of UK citizens on the basis of their real or imagined sexuality. In

effect this is an attempt at creating 1984 style thought crimes. The

last government ignored repeated advice not to introduce this law

purely because it wanted newspaper headlines. The bill was never

properly debated in parliament and is clealy a bad law that could ruin

the lives or perfectly law abiding people and makes a mockery of


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