This Act was made in haste following the terrible events at Dunblane. An election was forthcoming and each of the political parties was trying to show how tough they could be.

Despite the observations of Lord Cullen, who did not advocate the banning of all handguns, the Government of the day decided to ban all larger calibre pistols, the incomoing Government banned all of them.  In effect they punished some 60,000 law abiding citizens for another mans crime.  Very few polititians listened to the target shooters, who were being vilified almost on a daily basis by the media and the Government in general.

As a result, pistols were only available to the criminals and the police. As I recall, in the first year since the ban statistics indicated that gun crime had increased fourfold, and has continued to rise each year.

Therefore, all the act has done is to prevent the law abiding citizen to enjoy the sport of target pistol shooting, The National teams of England and Scotland have to train abroad for Commonwealth Games and Olympics.  It was a sport that enabled the aged and the infirm to compete on a level with able people, what other sport could accomplish this?

It's about time that common sense prevailed and target pistol shooting could again be practised in this country.

Why is this idea important?

The Government have always trumpeted about there being 'Sport for all'. The ban on target pistols showed how false this premise was.

It has always been the contention that the ban was imposed for political expediency, based on the views held by a vociferous minority of people who judged everyone by their own standards. Those of us that stood outside supermarkets and the like , collecting signatures from members of the public were surprised at the level of support. People were agreeing that the ban was unfair and were only too pleased to add their signatures, they were under no duress at all. There is much anecdotal instances along these lines.

The Act was 'guillotined' through parliament, which indicates it's unpopularity amongst many polititians of the day. The Government obviously unwilling to risk having the legislation thrown out.

Having personal property confiscated and destroyed when not deserving such treatment and not having committed any crime to justify such action flies in the face of British justice, and as such it is time for this piece of oppressive and malevalent legislation to be repealed.

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