The Hunting Act 2004 should be repealed. The welfare of the fox population and the vitality of the countryside depends on it. It is the most humane form of fox control which is both selective and beneficial to the fox population. The law, morover, is badly written and non sensicle.

Why is this idea important?

The environmental balance of the countryside, the health of the fox population and the happiness of the rural population depends on the repeal.

One Reply to “Repeal the Hunting Act”

  1. Very bad idea.
    The above post is a load of.. it is simply a cover for those that participate in and derive great pleasure chasing down an animal to its eventual terrified and exhausted death just to have their sick and macabre fun.- I have had to spend a fair amount of time alongsied these people ie this is not hearsay.

    note – Animals are allowed to breed in known areas so that they can indulge in their ‘sport’.

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