The Hunting Act deprives country people, not only of a long established tradition but seeks to destroy the support and unity that foxhunting gives to hardworking farmers, who often farm land far from neighbours, attempting to produce foodstuffs, that more often are not are bought by  supermarkets, at minimal prices.    In this lonely 24hr working environment, that includes the whole family, the pleasure they get from seeing the hunt cross their land is immeasureable.  Those who can follow the hunt, even  if it is only for a few hours in a busy day,.     It is not only on hunting days or only during thr winter hunting season: the hunt will step in in moments of stress or hardship with companionship, actual hands on help and if necessary, financial help.     Hunting is the glue that keeps people  of all walks of life together in the country.    Do not let this flawed Bill damage one of Englands biggest assets.


Why is this idea important?

Repeal the Hunting Act – the reason is given above.

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