Repeal the Hunting Act 2004. Repeal the Badger Act. Remove the Polecat and Otter from list of protected species under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Remove the Otter from the list of protected species under the Habitat Regulations 2010 and the EC Habitat Directive.

So that those who wish to hunt with hounds may do so.

Why is this idea important?

I don't fish, I don't have lambs or chickens etc; indeed I have no vested interest in population control. I can of course see the case for hunting for this purpose but this is not why I hunt.

I hunt with hounds because I enjoy hunting with hounds: I enjoy the music of the hounds when they are in full cry across a valley; I enjoy the checks when hounds work out the scent; I enjoy discussing the last hunt with the field; I even enjoy the disappointment of a blank day.

In enjoying hunting I enjoy an activity that sometimes involves the death of an animal; I can't say whether I'd derive enjoyment from the actual death itself because I've never seen it, the closest I got was being the other side of a hedge when hounds killed a Hare. The kill is secondary to the enjoyment of the hunt.

There are many activities that people enjoy that involve the death of an animal. Eating bread for instance; in order to produce grain many animals (field mice etc) are ploughed into the ground (far more, one would suspect if the ground was organic!). Drinking milk is another; in order to produce milk a cow must produce a calf, if it is a dairy bull calf that is produced; having no beef value it is shot. Perhaps it is extreme to compare directly the enjoyment of eating bread with the enjoyment of hunting with hounds but it is true that both involve the death of animals yet the eater of bread is allowed to pursue his past time with no ill conscience about the field mouse that has been suffocated by the turning of a plough sheer while the hunter is imprisoned or fined while pursuing his which may have amounted in a ten minute dash across a field involving no death.

These are foolish laws, regulations and directives; the hunting ban itself was clearly not so much about the fate of animals as a blatant excuse for class war!

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  1. I read the law which states hounting with dogs is ellegal.However the exceptions are if the mammal(s)cause serious damage to livestock or gamebirids or the biological diversaty of an area you can hunt. Recently a dear carcus was sientificly proven to have been killed by foxes which is defind as a mammal. So surely under the law it is the right to hunt in that area

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