this act is unworkable and unnecessary. If it is not repealed there will soon be no foxes or hares left. Farmers do not keep hares as pets. They will shoot them out of existance. Rural foxes will be dealt with likewise. Legalised fox hunting and hare coursing is carried out with a thorough understanding of conservation. this ensures that a number of these animals survive, breed and continue to remain part of our countryside. They are not totally eradicated.

Hunting with hounds is a natural way of keeping the numbers of foxes and hares under control. It is not cruel. The animals are not ripped apart by packs of hounds. The first hound to catch the prey executes a quick kill.

Why is this idea important?

This bill has caused police to waste time and effort trying to track down folk who , at the request of landowners, are using their hounds to reduce numbers of hares and foxes.  It has caused unemployment among country people. Country folk know how to look after their land and should not be preached to by town folk who do not understand.

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