It is very clear to me that those who support this absurd law hav no concept of the real reasons for hunting with hounds, prior to the ban the quarry, in this case fox was persued by hounds, the strongest easily outran the hounds & escaped &  for the most part only the sick & weak were caught & killed, ALWAYS by the lead hound (there is one in every hunting pack) a broken neck being the cause of death. this ensured that a good strong fox population was maintained to the benefit of the countryside. As it is now, gun packs shoot EVERY fox they find! the result could easily mean the demise of the rural fox….Stop listening to the "bunny huggers & repeal this absurd law NOW.  longdogs 3

Why is this idea important?

I can only repeat my previous comment about the danger to a strong rural fox population. The urban fox is another matter….TOTAL control is essential unless we want to see more cases of infants being savaged.

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