Currently it is possible to detain someone suspected of (usually terrorist activity) an offence and can be held for 28 days without charge. This interment first used in Northern Ireland during the troubles has been extended to Britain. As the cradle of democracy we should repeal this legislation as there is no other European country that has the potential to be so repressive.

Many developing countries and those with dictatorships do not hold people for so long. As we have only held one person for as long as 21 days since the Terrorism Act 2006 was introduced, it has proved in practise to not be necessary so it must be repealed along with any related legislation.

Why is this idea important?

This legislation  contradicts the emphasis on English law that people are innocent until proven guilty that was first enshrined in article 39 of the Magna Carta "no free man shall be captured,and or imprisoned or robbed of his freehold, and of his liberties…but by the lawful judgent of his peers"

The Human Rights Act 1998 incorporating the European Convention on Human rights articles 5(1)and 5(2) upheld this principle more recently.  Both the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005 and the Terrorism Act 2006  contradict the Magna Carta and the Human Rights Act. Unless we can demonstrate we practise what we preach to countries we are in conflict with we will be held up as being hypercritical.

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