The Dunblane massacre was a tragid event. A man used his licensed fire arms to kill innocent children. The same is true of the Hungerford massacre.  As a result of these tragic incidents hand gun ownership in the UK was comprehensively banned despite the ract that a 1996 select committee concluded such "panic" legislation would do little to prevent a repeat of these incidents.  

Thanks to the knee jerk legislation of the day many law abiding citizens lost the right to legally own hand guns for target shooting and competition. We can no longer field a pistol shooting team in the olympic games for instance.

After the most recent gun crime involving legally owned weapons, the Cumbria Shootings, although there were a few muted calls for further restrictions on weapons ownership much was made of not resorting to knee jerk legislation suggesting the people have lost the desire for such legislation since it has demonstrably removed rights they later regretted; a survey at the time of the Hungerford massacre suggested that a couple of months after the incident around 70% of people rejected the need for more gun control.


Why is this idea important?

It will restore a balance in the country. Right now the only people with hand guns are the criminals and the police, the innocent people in between have no such rights. Do we want to be like America, not really but then we are culturally different anyway. Guns and gun crime will always exist regardless of the law. Prohibition never works.

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