It has just been announced that the government are to introduce drug driving test kits for traffic police. While I agree with the principle of not lawfully being allowed to drive whilst intoxicated with any substance, pharmaceutical or illicit, I cannot agree to the introduction of  this latest drugs war gimmick. It is simply not ethical or justifiable to issue police with drugs test kits without also utterly reforming drugs policy at the same time.

One of the myriad of complications regarding enforcement of positive tests is the fact that substances dissolve in the blood stream at different rates and, therefore, such policy would immediately discriminate against one specific population of drugs user. For example, I would like to know how they intend to prosecute somebody for driving on cannabis when cannabis takes up to 4 weeks to leave the blood system? This is unlike far more powerful substances like cocaine which dissolve in the blood stream within a few days and become undetectable thereafter. This means that this new introductory scheme would weigh heaviest against cannabis users and allow the real dangerous drug users to largely get away with drug driving.

Yet again the innocent cannabis user becomes the government scape goat, even though it has been proven that cannabis not only doesn't impair your driving ability but also, in most cases, it increases the drivers capacity for safe driving.

Repeal the introduction of these unworkable systems for further terrorising cannabis users until such time as you ALSO introduce drug policy reform and regulation. Thus ensuring that along with regulation comes a drug drive limit, just like there is with the far more impairing substance of alcohol. Note would also be taken of the dispersal rate of the drug in question before any arrest could be made. This would ensure that that the victimisation of the cannabis user was not an issue.

Why is this idea important?

The government's drugs policy is pathetic. While ruining lives by devastating economic cuts on the one hand, they throw money at the lost cause of the drugs war with the other. Money that could instead be used to further safe guard peoples jobs. It's a disgrace.

Police already have far too much power that they show, time and again, they are unable to use responsibly. I can easily see a (not to distant) future when this drug testing kit is handed out to every police officer and "Special" (pretend police) constable. I can also imagine that this kit would then be indiscriminately used on especially the youth of society to help significantly bolster arrest and conviction statistics. I can foresee police standing outside Tube stations, for example, waiting to pounce on somebody who may have had a joint a few weeks ago and BOOM, that poor innocents life is ruined! We are, ever more surreptitiously, entering the realm of a totalitarian police state.

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