This is to remove the right to the DWP being able to get access to the personal matter of someone's bank account without proper authority from the court with good reason given.

Why is this idea important?

I, probably like others have been affected by this law allowing the DWP to infringe our privacy and human rights without the proper legal authorisation.

I am disabled an in bad health and was dragged into the DWP offices and treated like a common criminal because the local authority were paying my rent into my bank account. Therefore, the DWP assumed that I was working for this regualr income to be coming to me.

With my health as it is this was unwelcomed and unfair. Lets face it – even the Police have to get a correctly filled in and signed warrant from a magistrates court to get this information and this is only given if good cause and reason can be provided to the court!

Surely this is breaching on our civil rights and privacy laws – including in the European court of human rights. I would love to take this matter to the European court but cannot afford to so this is the only other way I can see this matter being dealt with.

Come on Cameron and Clegg – remove this stupid BIG BROTHER law and allow us the privacy to get on with our lives again without fear of beinf treated unfairly with no just cause!

2 Replies to “Repeal the law allowing the DWP to look into someone’s bank account without a signed court warrant or good reason”

  1. The dwp need to be made to stop nosing into people’s personal bank accounts, they are Personal and they are private, I understand they need to do checks but if they have their suspicions aroused then they should ask to see proof to satisfy themselves otherwise go to court and get a court order. Even that is rude but if it needs to be done then it needs to be done!

  2. agreed! my housing benefit team at the council have asked me for my bank account details. I asked them if they had a warrant to access them. I am seriously worried they can just do what they want. its none of their business what i spend on loo roll etc!!

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