Repeal the law against wearing dark visors in sunny and sometimes blinding conditions when riding your motorcycle in the summer.

We are quite capable of deciding for ourselves when and when not to wear such equipment for our own and others safety. Dark visors can be lifted manually within seconds whilst riding into a shadowed area and most of us carry clear visors as spare to change should conditions alter.

To make it illegal even for passengers to wear as well makes it even more of an idiot law, especially when there is no law stopping anyone wearing sunglasses inside their helmet whilst riding.

It's just another nanny state law which should never have made it out of the starting blocks in the first place.

Why is this idea important?

Simple freedom of choice and for our own safety in brightly lit summer conditions. After all, unlike car drivers we don't have  the luxury of  the sun visor to flick down when the sun is low and bright.

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