Repeal the ruling that allows foreign interests to takeover British assets. Especially the companies that are potentially vital to the country's well-being. With so many manufacturing companies having been lost over the past 13 years it is going to be more difficult to climb out of the financial mess we are now in. This is where wealth creation happens – not by shunting everybody's money around making (or losing!) a fast buck here or there.

We are now importing far more products that we used to manufacture and ship all over the world. This is high-tec product – not mass produced. We are not making money for Britain like this.

Why is this idea important?

This is important because our nations security of supply for energy is at stake. With several of our utiliy services now in foreign hands there is always a risk that we are on the wrong end of supply and probably pricing. Gas, electricity, water and rubbish disposal are now in the majority of instances owned by foreign companies. This really is not healthy.

There are not many counties that allow foreign ownership of their nations prosperity.

It does not bode well for our future with our key businesses having our nations wealth being administerd from outside our shores and at the whim of the Board being removed entirely from here.


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