Scrap the current drug possession laws and create a new one "Drug Dealing"

I know the government is supposed to be hard on drugs – but criminalising the end-user is morally wrong.

I have no issue with the police enforcing the law on dealers and commercial growers but….

If someone has a few grams of drugs for personal use and they are over 18 it should be OK. If they are under 18 then it should be confiscated and the matter reported to that person's guardian to deal with.

If someone has one or two cannabis plants growning in their garden or house then so long as they are not dealing then that should be OK too.



Criminalising someone in this way will just make it worse, if you treat someone like a criminal – they will behave like one.

Criminalising someone will ruin their employment chances and in the current economic climate we should be doing everything we can to facilitate people gaining or retaining jobs.

Criminalising someone costs a lot of money and police time, this would be better spent targeting the dealers, criminals & thugs that make our streets unsafe.

Repeat criminalisation for possession can lead to inprisonment – at this point you might as well have sent the user on a "how to be a real criminal" course as they will learn all the tricks inside.

So change the exsisting law so it specifically applies to commercial dealing and commercial growing and leave the end-user and "percy" grower alone.

This will remove 6.000.000 people from potential contact with the criminal justice system.

Why is this idea important?

This was aluded to in the original Libdem manifesto and Mr Cameron (a self confessed cannabis user – while at Eton) has also stated in the past that the law on cannabis needed changing.

The government estimates that there are over 6,000,000 cannabis users in the UK

6 Million people is a large number of people to persecute for their views.

It is¬†the same as the number of Jews exterminated by the Nazi’s in WWII.

I will not be persicuted in my own country РMy Grandad fought for the freedom of this country!


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