My idea is to stop giving money to people who refuse to work by repealing the laws that allow this to happen.

The man living next to me is on the dole. I work full time. He owns a larger flat screen tv than me, has a dishwasher and has a brand new barbecue, neither of which I can afford to own. He is able bodied, aged about 25, but says there are no jobs out there.He has said he doesn't want to work nights or weekends; neither do I but I do. Perhaps I am mistaken and he has generous relatives. The man around the corner from me has never done a days work in his life but manages to drive around in a 4×4. He was done for benefit fraud some years ago. Perhaps I am mistaken and he received a bequest from a rich relative. I admit to not knowing their full personal circumstances but, there are, so many, others like these living nearby,and they seem to live rather well. Is is time to have an ivestigation into how much they get, why, and what they could do to earn it? A friend told me that she was invited out for a few drinks by an unemployed friend who wanted some assistance in spending her "crisis loan." How about paying these people in vouchers instead of money? Another friend of mine works in a Job Centre, where people turn up to collect their benefits in BMW's and other such cars. He recounted the story of the man who went into the centre and threw his benefit book across the room saying, "You have to pick that up; you are my servant." How many millions are being squandered on such people? That is where the waste is. Before anyone piggy backs onto my comments and tries to state these people must be foreigners, I will state that while some of them might be, we have done a great job of successfully breeding a couple of generations of our own trash who are feckless wasters with an overwhelming sense of entitlement. This is where the changes need to be made; this is where many of the savings can be made.

Why is this idea important?

My idea is important because it could save the nation vast sums of money. I believe that if you refuse to contribute you deserve nothing.

My idea is not to make these people take jobs to the detriment of those who are genuinely seeking work; it is simply to not give money to those who refuse to work.

Note: I do believe that if a person is in genuine need then the State should assist in supporting them

I believe that my idea is clear and the reason for its importance has been explained.

An earlier thread in which I participated was closed by the moderator. I hope freedom of speech is respected here in what I hope will develop into a broad discussion. 

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