Most if not all UK Police Forces now use a system the their Traffic Cars known as the Cleartone Puma SE6. So you can be driving down a Dualcarriageway, Motorway have these biggots behind you may as much as even half a mile or so away maybe more and to them following you your a dot in the distance let's say the decide to check your speed from that kind of length away all they'll do is allocate a point A marker could be a 50mph sign or any kind of structure land mark then set their device going then assign another thing simular to point a that'll be point B stop their so called Guided Missile Technology what the Military use for the obvious etc and presto like Magic they have your rough speed to within one mph the device uses time and distance travelled between point A-B thus they have a read out. Then these idiots will stop you from such a long distance following check show you their alleged video avidence best thing is that when you watch their playback footage theres 6-12 other vehicles in the frame no bullseye or circle around your vehicle showing which was the actual offending vehicle they were tracking at said time. They only know the reg of the offending vehicle once within readable human eye range..

Why is this idea important?

This idea is so important for a Citizens rights to innocent until prooven guilty and our freedom as human beings and more than that democracry if you as a defendant ellect to goto court is on the defences side to proove the Police or CPS wrong how can that be justice or democracry it's communism at it's best that state says and we just have to jump like trained circus animals it's all gone terribly wrong somewhere. Repeal the Law/s that make it a condition that defendants have to proove their innocence if a defendant decides to goto court and fight the said speeding allegation legal aid does not cover motoring offences so if you were to employ your own defence solicitor it's cost a small fortune and most people for an easy life just accept their fate and mover on how can that be a country where anyone would want o just exist?  

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